New Equipment

new equipment currently available for sale

  • Biljax Scaffold

    The Biljax mobile scaffold is a versatile and efficient solution for accessing high spaces, offering a compact design that fits through standard doorways and features removable casters for easy maneuvering on uneven surfaces. With adjustable height up to 17 feet, this durable scaffolding unit provides a safe and reliable platform for various construction, maintenance, and repair tasks in residential or commercial settings.

  • Bill Jax Scaffold

    New Bill Jax scaffold

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  • Canycom Buggies

    New Canycom buggies

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  • Diamond Blades

    Multi-purpose diamond blades are versatile cutting tools designed for efficient and precise cutting of various materials such as concrete, asphalt, stone, and metal, featuring high-quality diamond segments for superior performance and durability.

  • Equipment Mats

    Equipment mats or ground protection mats are heavy-duty, portable platforms designed to create temporary access roads, work pads, or walkways for construction equipment, vehicles, and foot traffic, providing a safe and stable surface for various job site applications. These durable mats ensure efficient ground protection and load distribution on soft or sensitive surfaces while minimizing environmental impact and promoting on-site safety.

  • Husqvarna K700 Saws

    New Husqvarna K700 saws

  • JLG Lifts

    New JLG lifts

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  • LB White Heaters

    New LB White heaters

  • Makita Combo Hammer

    New Makita Combo Hammer

  • Makita Demo Hammer

    New Makita Demo Hammer

  • Makita Frame Gun

    New Makita frame gun

  • Mini Skid Steer Snow Push Box

    High quality snow pusher for mini skid steers

  • Plate Compactor

    New plate compactor

  • Sterling Wheelbarrows

    New Sterling wheelbarrows with flat free tires